Monday, April 30, 2012

Exciting Events

I have gotten so bad with my blogging! So much has happened since I last blogged. I recently finished my second semester at UVU, so my freshmen year of college is done and I couldn't be happier. School is the best, but it's always nice to be done for a while, and when I say a while I mean a week break. I go back to school on May 7th. Well in March I had a spring break and my mom took me to Las Vegas for a little girls trip! On April 12th my cousin, Dorie, had her baby Olivia Kalena Emi Kim! It was such a fun experience to share with SaeJoon and Dorie. On the April 15th Dorie's sister, Darcie, had her baby Khole! I can't really spell her middle name so I won't really try hehe. Here are some pictures of Vegas along with Olivia and Khloe, and some random things in between.

Yes, hot pink pants are in style now ;)

Shopping Spree!

 Dying Easter Eggs with all the kids

 Krista and I waiting to see Olivia

Uncle Wallace with his new granddaughter!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

*~Best Friends~*

Life has been so crazy the past three weeks! I've had tests, midterms, and more fun tests. I can honestly say I've had it with school and I'm ready for the summer to be here. Only 51 more days of school, but who's counting. Anyways, as I said before, life has been one crazy mess and spring break is next week! I hope I can survive three more days of school and then I'm off to Las Vegas with my mom. Even though so many things are going wrong I'm so grateful for the best friends I could ask for. These girls are always there when I need a good laugh, a shoulder to cry on, vent to, or sit and do nothing with. 

"There are some people in life that make you laugh a little louder, smile a little bigger, and just live a little better."

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

*~Vegas Baby~*

Sorry that it has taken me forever to post! Things have been busy with school, but I'm loving every minute of the college experience. I'm also dancing again for the family members who didn't know. I haven't danced in years! It felt so good to get back on the dance floor. On Friday night I had a three hour rehearsal and another three hour rehearsal early Saturday morning. I'm so excited for my recital which is on May 18th and 19th (Auntie Karma if you came down during that time it would be awesome!). 
Anyways I have great news! I'm proud to announce that Corby and Becca Eason were sealed in the Las Vegas temple on January 28th! Our family was happy to be a part of their celebration. It was Mandi, Tj, my mom, dad, me, and the Bournes. We stayed at the Marriot and had an awesome time walking the strip, eating the Bellagio, and the best part, for the girls, was seeing all the big brand name stores. One of my favorite memories from this trip was hearing Steve pronounce "Gucci" as "Gucky" it was really entertaining. Here are some pictures from the trip.

Before the trip

Congratulations Corby and Becca!! I'm so happy for you two and the decision you made to be sealed to each other.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

It Finally Snowed!!

I won't lie, I'm actually really sad it didn't snow during Christmas time at all and I've missed the snow just a little bit. Tonight we got lots of snow! Mandi and I went out and had some fun taking pictures! I'm so glad to have my little sister around to hang out with on a Saturday night.

My snow attire and my new favorite hat! (Those of you who know me know that I'm a hat junkie) 

My favorite thing about Saturdays?...

Getting letters of course! I'm so proud of my friends who have chose to serve a mission! Usually every Saturday I get a letter from one of them, but today I got three all at the same time. It made my day! I love them sharing their testimonies and seeing how they've grown in the gospel.

Last Saturday I actually got one of the best letters since it had such good news in it!
I was shocked....

I PASSED MY CNA TEST!!!!!! Thank you Auntie Joyce and Norma for helping me study and stay with you! I would also like to thank Auntie Karma for getting me into nursing. I can't wait to take my first step in the nursing career and cleaning people's okoles hehe.

Favorite Memories of 2011

I did get this idea from my older sister Krista because I loved it! 2011 was a very growing year for me. I learned so much that year. There was growing up, heartache, happiness, new friends, and college. I'm grateful for everyone who helped me that year and made it great! Here are a few of my favorite memories from 2011.


First time going to the Roof!


 I got 65 scoops!!!!

Seth said he could get Cache to fall asleep by himself and he did it haha

Bruno Mars concert =)
 Seeing the Little Mermaid in St. George


 First day of college


Rhonda's first time going to the temple

My 19th Birthday!